Creative Director, Monique Johnson, at work on a mood board.



MOJO. Where does the name come from? 

MOJO comes from our founder’s name, Monique Johnson, but it also reflects our style. We’ve got MOJO. We are passionate people who are passionate about design. And quality. And taking time off to make sure our time on really counts.

What’s your approach? 

We’re branders and storytellers. We believe in taking risks, being kind & getting outdoors to clear our heads and find inspiration. Plus, we love working with awesome people. It’s all about collaboration.

How do you brand intelligently?

Designing a successful brand means creating a long term future for that brand. And sometimes you gotta get creative. Individuality matters. So does putting it all together with people who want the same thing MOJO does, which is nailing down a brand that reflects the people behind the company brand.



Sara Morris - Strategy & copy
Marielle Leon - Strategy & copy
J. Michael Tucker – Photography
Lori Fuller - Photography  
Brian Bergeron – Photography
Greenlight Global – Digital Strategy & Development
Jenni Heffernan Brown – Branding strategy & copy
George Moody - Strategy & copy