meet style

In the chic, yet relaxed village of Mill Valley lies a knockout boutique filled with high quality goods that melt in your mouth like butter (if only butter were handbags, shoes, and cashmere sweaters).

Yet the brand of the boutique didn’t feel as timely or stylish as the fashion itself. When Carolina came to MOJO we knew they needed a new look. What we also discovered was that they liked fluidity, which makes sense in an industry that shifts every season. That was our puzzle… until we decided, since fashion is dynamic, why can’t the look of the brand be dynamic too? 



By focusing on the underlying graphic design of the brand we laid a visual foundation that’s able to shift with the marketing calendar. The boutique sells an array of brands, but now it’s also a brand in itself.

It was a pleasure to work with MOJO on our branding update project. They asked all the right questions up front in order to uncover what I was after. The process was effortless and quick. The final product is exactly what I was looking for and has the impact that my brand needs.
— Carolina Loiacono, Carolina Boutique Owner