Branding a dream

What happens when you have a vision to create a retreat for women that is exactly what it advertises: a detour off the beaten track? MOJO was thrilled to hop on the bandwagon and design a creative direction that fit the adventure being offered.

By collaborating with this passionate business owner, MOJO was able to focus on a visual presentation that conveyed the experience to be had. Logo, icon, website, business cards - we brought this concept to life step by step.



By meticulously defining the brand, we created imagery that allows the brand to speak for itself. The look of the product is so in tune with the product that the result feels effortless.



Dare to Detour homepage design that shows the look of the brand as well as their beliefs.
MOJO Design gave my business startup credibility and accessibility. By creating a compelling and meaningful logo and building a website that provides immediate access to my business, MOJO enabled me to provide customers with a true sense for my brand offering... my own “mojo” if you will.
— Sheryl Ott, Founder



Woman standing in the wind with cowboy hat on.
Women chatting and sitting on a fence in the sun kissed light.
Group of women wearing cowboy hats laughing while sitting in a pickup truck.
Sheryl Ott wearing a macrame cuff made by Kelli Ronci of Corda Design.
Beautiful scenery at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch fence and road in Montana.
A horse drive at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana.
Red dashboard of old pickup truck with Hula girl.
Photography by Courtney Green