Asset audit,
a roadmap to success

What do you get when you have real-time content, a highly complicated platform, and no easy way to explain what it does? Answer: A challenge! When Thismoment came to MOJO they had amazing technology that very few people could understand. What they needed was a way to untangle what they had created into something that customers could digest quickly and easily. Luckily, unknotting tangled messes is MOJO’s middle name. 

MOJO began with an asset audit: What works? What doesn’t work? How do we separate one operation from another? And how do we show and tell something so complex? After we assessed the brand and the content they had created, we knew we needed to make sense of the brand through a consistent visual language.




We wanted users to quickly understand what Thismoment could do so it would help businesses prosper the way the founders intended. MOJO began by designing personas that could immediately establish connection. We then developed graphic maps for each step of the platform as a visual guide for explanation and consistent ease of use.



A graphic to show how the Thismoment platform works.



MOJO also saw the need for a microsite so sales people could have case studies and scenarios at their fingertips. This would help reps close the deal by showing customers how to use the platform.



A microsite designed for the SPARK product launch.