Wanted: Everything

Great idea, no visual branding. Now what? That’s how Urban Soccer Park (“USP”) came to us.

After looking at the competition, MOJO knew that in order for USP to stand alone we needed a website that also worked as a marketing tool. The website was essential to the brand’s success so we designed that too.

We made our wish lists: top-notch, action photography, great storytelling & dynamic graphics. We needed marketing that incorporated brand positioning and Buyer/Consumer Personas to better explain the product. We also targeted brochures that stemmed from the personas we created, as well as proposal templates & presentation material. In other words, everything but the kitchen sink.





From start to finish this was a vision that centered around the strategic use of personas to explain the USP market. By allowing our design to breathe life into the types of buyers (personas) that USP was targeting, we were able to help the sales team speak confidently about their product.






A website page to show the Urban Soccer Park look and feel of the brand.
MOJO Design is simply an outstanding creative partner. Their creative talent, attention to detail and strategic perspective on the project is invaluable to our success.
— Dan kimball, cmo


Dusk shot of yellow goal at Urban Soccer Park in San Francisco.
Urban Soccer Park found, Josh Frazier, with kid soccer players.
Back view of kid goalie on soccer field in San Francisco.
Kids playing small-sided soccer with chain goal at Urban Soccer Park.
Kid feet jumping in the air with shadow on turf.
Three men playing small-sided soccer at Urban Soccer Park in San Francisco at night.

Photography by J.Michael Tucker

A young boy soccer player holding a ball in front of a shipping container at Urban Soccer Park.