Ahead of the curve

So we have this idea… That’s how the conversation started with Wheesearch, a platform to connect Vlogger videos and crowd-sourced information to products people are searching for.

When MOJO took over and began designing the brand, we knew that high-tech ideas require high-tech imagery.  With a clean slate and no competitors to evaluate we started with the logo: our target audience needed something playful, modern & compelling. The concept of a finger swiping over the site grew into the Wheeseach fingerprint logo, a charismatic character in its own right.



From there our idea grew until MOJO conceived and created a complete visual language. Our icons would not only dictate the platform, but also become an identifiable marketing tool. And from there we moved on to color, typography, & interface - all the pieces that would make Wheesearch recognizable.

MOJO really involve themselves in our business and marketing, and take great care to understand where we’re headed and what is needed. MOJO’s work is completely on point and they also evaluate carefully the various media that will use all of the creative work so that it is done to optimize the format.
— hillary sinclair, wheesearch founder